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    Feb 2009
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    Kui teema ei sobi, milleks läbustada?
    "I like an aggressive team, I want to see a team that is strong, committed and quick on the break.
    These are things which Atletico fans have always liked, it helps them identify with and love this shirt."

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    Apr 2007
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    Alvaro Morata: Chelsea striker suspended after fifth yellow card of season

    Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata will miss Saturday's trip to Everton after being booked for the prolonged celebrations of his winning goal in Wednesday's 2-1 Carabao Cup defeat of Bournemouth.

    The Spaniard, 25, put the ball under his shirt, sucked his thumb and made an 'A' shape with his left hand.

    His wife Alice Campello is pregnant.

    The act was considered to have delayed the kick-off and Morata will serve a one-match ban for his fifth yellow card of the season.

    Chelsea play Everton at Goodison Park at 12:30 GMT on Saturday, 23 December.
    "This team will be a bit different next season, it is clear," said Klopp. "We will do something with transfers."

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    E ai gatinha? Kasutaja j6u1uv4n4 avatar
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    Jan 2009
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    Feb 2009
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    Actually head impressionid.
    Victoria Concordia Crescit



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