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17.01.05, 07:40
Hello, bro\'s

I am back after a long absence (since Estonia last played Kazakhstan).

Kairat should beat Levadia to qualify to 1/4 finals, the draw or win would be suffice for Estonians, while Dinamo Minsk would qualify if and only if Kairat beats Levadia 1:0.

What would be your analysis and opinions about the game?

17.01.05, 07:45
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17.01.05, 07:46
Looks like a bit of a defensive crisis for Levadia. Team captain Hohlov-Simson is definitely out, another centre-back Kalimullin didn\'t play against Dinamo which left one fit stopper - Cepauskas. His partner in crime Nahk (usually playing as a playmaker) is suspended... I have no knowledge whatsoever about Kairat so can\'t really say too much. If you\'re looking for dangermen from Levadia - forwards and midfielders are quick but have problems with scoring. On the field, I presume. Watch out for Vassiljev in the midfield and Dovydenas on the wings. Left-back Kruglov likes to go forward and is a handful as well.