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11.01.07, 23:32
The Internet-project http://www.soccerprogrammes.narod.ru for fans from ex-USSR countries, till January, 22nd spends interrogation. Which purpose to choose the best programme to the football match, let out in 2006
It is very a pity, that fans from Estonia not actively participate in this action. Only 3 person from 320 has given a voice for programme from Estonia.
While is in the lead programme Shakhtar (UKR) – Roma (52 person).
If there will be a desire and time join.

12.01.07, 00:10
kui sa tahad, et keegi osaleks, võiks asi eestlastele ka arusaadavaks tehtud olla. mina parusskit ei panimaaju. ma arvan, et ka paljud siit mitte. mul savi, kas sa said aru v mitte. mina olen rääkinud

12.01.07, 00:13
To vote it is enough to press the name of a match in the right column on the main page.

12.01.07, 00:18
Ok, poll is good but where the hell could I actually SEE the chosen ones competing for the best programme's nomination?

12.01.07, 15:42
To look at nominated programs you should choose "Select a Country" in the left column on the main page where you can find names of 15 countries. On The page you are interested you can choose either national’s teams programs or clubs ones as.
To see a title page scan you should push the flag/button that on the right side of the match name.

Для того, чтобы посмотреть программки (scan титульной страницы) выдвинутые на номинацию, необходимо выбрать где будут представлены названия 15 стран. На откроющейся странице интересующей Вас страны можно выбрать как программки сборной, так и клубные турниры.
Чтобы посмотреть scan титульной страницы программки нужно только нажать на флаг справой стороны от названия матча.

13.01.07, 18:33
Many thanks to you football fans that could find time and vote on my site http://www.soccerprogrammes.narod.ru in competition " the Best football programme the CIS and Baltics 2006 "
From 389 voted 20 has supported programme Eesti - Valgevene.
The termination of competition is planned for January, 22nd, so you have time for voting and perhaps this programme will be in prize-winners. And it it deserve.
But without support of fans and it is simple fans of football of it to not reach.

15.01.07, 21:58

19.01.07, 22:18
Interrogation " the Best football programme the CIS and Baltics 2006 " on a site http://www.soccerprogrammes.narod.ru
leaves on a home straight.
In the evening on January, 21st voting comes to an end.
So at you remains not so a lot of time to leave a voice for programme the club and national team.

21.01.07, 22:02
At 23 o'clock on your local time voting fans comes to an end.
Hasten to support the command.
To leave the voice it is enough "to click" on the name of a match in the right column of a site http://www.soccerprogrammes.narod.ru..

В 23 часа по местному времени заканчивается голосование болельщиков.
Спешите поддержать свою команду.
Для того чтобы оставить свой голос достаточно «кликнуть» на название матча в правой колонке сайта http://www.soccerprogrammes.narod.ru.