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06.04.07, 09:33
is there a few junior teams in Tallinn that are interested in participating to a big (about 100 teams) football tournament called Kauhajoki Cup. It is held on 15.-17.6.2007. There are series for boys and girls aged 10 to 15 years.

We would like to have a few Estonian teams to participate, so we are
offering the teams a 50% discount for all the normal fees when
participating the tournament.

- team fee 50 euros (normally 100 euros)
- personal package for all the players and coaches 30 euros (normally
59e) per person (including: 8 meals, school accommodation, disco,
swimming, participation medal)

More information in Finnish at http://www.kauhajokifutis.net/kauhajokicup

You can also email in Finnish, English or Estonian: