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19.08.07, 13:31
Estonian Corporate Cup 2007
(ECC 2007)
3/4/5 September – 22/29 September 2007¹



Teams will consist of 8 players (goalkeeper and 7 players on the pitch) with 6 substitutes being allowed. Matches are played on half size outdoor football pitch. Participation allowed only to employees or members of companies and organizations. Also, maximum two close relatives (son/daughter/husband/wife) of employee or member of organization are allowed to participate. Females are welcome to join too. No more than 14 players to be registered in the Cup. Entry will be restricted to 12 teams only. The team selection will be on first come, first registered basis.

Schedules of the games will be negotiated with team’s captains/leaders as soon as participation is confirmed and groups info known. The final match will be scheduled for weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

Team captains/leaders will be updated with latest info of how the games played (short review and results) via email.

Each game will have a referee. A referee may be one of participator of the ECC who’s team is not playing on the pitch. A referee will get paid 50 eek per match.

During each game, a medical kit will be available if necessary. Team captains/leaders should make sure, that their team mates are healthy to play and have medical insurance (Haigekaasa). Organizers of the ECC do not take any responsibility for any injuries during matches.

Three places will be rewarded I, II and III. Additionally, best scorer and goalkeeper will be rewarded too.

A couple of hours reward reception to all participators and supporters will be given on one of the weekend after the Final.

Entry fee is 1800 eek, per team. This fee includes pitch rent, reward, referee, organization and reception expenses. The fee may be paid in cash or by bank transfer (Ramil Rjazapov, Sampo bank account: 335207240008). Please confirm bank transfer via email to ramil1401@gmail.com

Closing date: 17:00 23 August 2007.
Confirmation meeting with teams captains/leaders will be held between 24th and 28th of August 2007 to draw teams in groups.

¹ After teams confirm participation, matches will start on agreeable dates with team captains/ leaders.
² Final proposal will be released as soon as all teams finally confirm participation

System of the Championship

All the teams will be assigned into groups. Games within groups will have points and bonus system. In play off, semifinal or final bonus system is not applicable. In case of draw, penalties will be implemented. The confirmed final system will be released as soon as participating teams are known.

(In case of 12 teams participation, they will be assigned into groups A, B and C. Each team will have 3 games within the group. Two teams in each group that gained the most points will qualify for group D and E. Here, each team will have 2 games. Two leaders of group D will meet leaders of group E in Final. First two teams in each group will play for 1st and 2nd places. Second two teams in groups will play for the 3rd place).

Points system:

Bonus, additional points to earn during a match³ (within groups games only)
Victory 3 pts. 4 goals 1 pt.
Draw 1 pt. clean sheet 1 pt.
Defeat 0 pts. female scores during a match Count as 2 goals

³ In case 4 goals scored by a team within a game, then team gets additional bonus 1 point. In case a team does not miss any goals (does not let goals in, clean sheet), then a team gets additional bonus 1 point. In case a female player scores a goal during a match within a group, then a team gets additional one goal.

Games rules

8 A side Estonian Corporate Cup, one goal keeper and 7 players on the pitch.

There will be a referee in each game, represented by one of the participants of the Cup or organizers.

Match 2 x 20min with 5 min break in between.

Referee may add reasonable amount of minutes due to delay.

Unlimited substitutes swap allowed during the match, however maximum 6 substitutes on the bench.

In case of receiving Yellow card – player leaves the pitch for 4 min.

In case of receiving Red card – player leaves the pitch for the match.

Players stay not closer than 1m in front of the ball in case of out and 3m in case of free kick.

Referee should let know players of the match, when he wants free kick to be implemented after the whistle signal.

If the player gets injured, a swap will be required right away unless the player recovers immediately and decides to stay on the pitch and continues playing.

No off side rule.

- Enjoy First edition of Estonian Corporate Cup 2007 -

Should You have any questions, do not hesitate to contact organizers team.

Organizers team:

Ramil Rjazapov
+372 55604168 mobile
+3726680099 fax
employee of BTS- SAS Group

Artjom Kapustjuk
+372 55651711
employee of SQA Partners LTD