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30.01.02, 16:52
Niih täna siis määrati ex-Villa manager DCFC uueks peatreeneriks.... Eks näe mis muutub aga igatahes tema esimesel hooajal Villas oli klubi tema tulles 15 ja hooaja lõpuks (11 mänguga) vinnas ta nad 7ndaks... eks siis näe mis Poomiga juhtub... loodame et Gregory teeb tast mehe lõpuks
by Adam Marshall

JOHN GREGORY has admitted he is surprised at how quickly he was able to be unveiled as Derby County's third manager this season.
The former Aston Villa boss becomes The Rams' 18th post-War manager, and has found a new job within The Premiership after leaving Villa Park last week.

"It sounds strange at first to be Derby manager," he admitted. "But I'm very pleased the negotiations have been completed and I'm finally here.

"The talks have gone well. I'm surprised how quickly it has been completed. My agent has been doing the negotiations and the Derby board have basically sold me the club with their ambitions. We are delighted it has been done so quickly.

"It's not a financial issue, status-wise I'm manager of a Premiership club and all I'm interested is keeping them there. That's what I've been brought here to do initially.

"I'm not prepared to discuss my past career at Aston Villa," he told Rampage. "I left on very good terms, very amicably.

"I had the opportunity in the last couple of days given to me by Derby, and this club is a step in the right direction for my career. It's my opinion that matters and I believe this is a great opportunity for improving things at Derby, hopefully retaining Premiership status and taking the club forward.

"The board hope to build a new academy site which will be the envy of all the Midlands clubs. Pride Park is a wonderful stadium and the fans have not turned their back on the club, as they're still turning up in their droves. Derby have a lot going for them, and I think I can take them forward.

"The players are fighting for their lives," he added, in reference to watching Tuesday's defeat to Charlton. "They got me out of my seat a few times, but it wasn't to be and we lost 1-0, but you couldn't fault the effort and commitment from the players.

"Billy McEwan has got a lot out of them and, hopefully, we'll get a more positive result on Saturday.

"It's a tall order to try and keep them in The Premiership but it's a fantastic challenge for everybody. Hopefully, we'll give the club more stability.

"I cam here as a player when the club was having a tough time, it almost went to the wall in the early eighties until Robert Maxwell came in.

"I joined in 1985, and the club was sold to me by the directors and manager Arthur Cox. They wanted to get back in the big time and, within 18 months, we were back in The Premiership, as such.

"I have never forgotten my happy times here."

30.01.02, 18:02
Noh, Gregory on hea treener, Derbyl peaks nüüd ülesmäge minema asjad...aga kuidas selle Villa treeneriga jäi, kes sinna palgatakse?

30.01.02, 18:57
teadmata kadunud veel... täna igatahes tehakse fännide poolt protest millega proovitakse praegusest boardist eesotsas "Deadly" Doug Ellisega, lahti saada

30.01.02, 22:41
ákki páástab ta nüüd Derby esimesest divisionist ára :õnnelik:

Jesus Christ
30.01.02, 23:34
N E V E R !!!!!!!!!!
ja esimene divisjon ei ole veel languse lōpp!:viha: :viha:

31.01.02, 00:12
No kui ta ka ei suuda derbyt relegatsioonist päästa, olen täitsa kindel et seesugune arukas treener oskab derby divaris kiiresti ülesse ehitada - sel klubil on tulevikku! :)
Eriti otsustades järelkasvuvõistkonna tulemuste järgi....