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21.08.09, 14:51
Hello everybody,
I'm from Germany and I'm a big fan of estonian football. I try to see all games with estonian teams and know i want to have the shirt of the nationalteam and of my favorite club Levadia Tallinn, but i found no online-shops to buy it and i have no time to visit estonia only to buy two shirt.

Now I ask you, if you can help me to get the shirts....

Hope for a reply.....


21.08.09, 14:54
Yes, the shirts aren't available on the Internet but maybe you can agree a deal with somebody from this forum who can buy these shirts from shops and then send them to you.

21.08.09, 15:11
U should ask the biggest Levadia fan on this forum- Sen.

21.08.09, 15:35
How much ist the Price for these 2 shirts in €???

21.08.09, 16:34
Original Nike Estonia national team shirt is about 800 kr (1 euro=15,67 kr), don't know about Levadia shirt.

24.08.09, 20:37
I have one Levadia shirt, last year model, white, name Kink and nr. 15 on back. Never worn.

25.08.09, 20:21
Quite propriate name for fan of estonian football ...
But who am I to say something beeing fan of german football.

29.08.09, 11:31
...and you can find national team shirts in below of A.Le Coq stadium, there´s a shop like Sportland.