View Full Version : saudid 0 - Eesti 2

15.03.02, 07:50
jeeeesss esimene v6it ja nii tugeva vastase vastu...

15.03.02, 22:29
Austatud härra/proua Chobram: palun mõtelge tõsiselt järgi, kas see postitus ja teema avamine oli tõesti hädavajalik?

15.03.02, 23:41
Hello guys!

First of all, congratulation with an excellent victory over Saudis! Pity is that they are going to the WC, not you. :)

Second, if someone watched it, how do you compare Kazakhstan game with your game with Saudis. How would you compare Kazakhstani team with Saudi?

I would be grateful if you could reply!


16.03.02, 09:44

Thanks for your kind words.

Well, it is a bit difficult to compare those two games as Estonia only drew with Kazakhstan but won the Saudis, so if you look at the result, then Saudis must be a weaker side.

Still I do not really think that that is the case. Estonia did dominate the start of first period and scored a nice goal and then did not really let Saudis to play their game.

Unfortunately we could not see the second half as the Saudi 1 TV stopped the broadcasting.

Comparing this game with Kaza, then I have to admit that this might have been the first time when Arno Pijpers's system 4-3-3 started to work normally. Also the major factor was that Estonia took their almost only chance and scored there as against Kazas we had many, but we failed to open the account.

But to compare Saudis with Kaza, then well...they seemed to be the same kind of teams.