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  1. Replying to Topic \'Research about Estonian teams (Meistriliiga and Esiliiga)\'

    thank you all

    i think, these links will help me

    and good to know what happened to fc levadia maardu...
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    Replying to Topic \'informations about all teams of meistriliiga\'

    thanks, i think it will help me

    fc lootus is located in kothla-järve, right?

    so, is it fc lootus alutaguse or fc lootus kothla-järve, i\'ve read both in the www.

    it would be great, if...
  3. Replying to Topic \'Research about Estonian teams (Meistriliiga and Esiliiga)\'

    Hi, i\'ve just started an nearly equal topic without knowing that one exists;)

    because i\'m looking for all informations i can get of estonian soccer, i\'m glad to get some informations here :D ...
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    informations about all teams of meistriliiga

    hello estonia
    i\'m a new meber here and i\'m interested in estonian soccer. so i have a few questions:

    where can i get all informations of the squads of the teams of meistriliiga?

    it was easy...
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