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Teema: OGC Nice

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    Ici, c'est Paris! Kasutaja Rocheteau avatar
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    Jun 2013
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    Loogiline samm ka. Maine oli mängus. Mängija ise liitus aga kiiresti Paris FC meeskonnaga, kes Ligue2 relekas istub.
    Fino alla fine FORZA JUVE

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    Allez l'OM Kasutaja Mask avatar
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    Nov 2007
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    Jälgige mängu, kuidas noormehest saab järgmine Thierry Henry, kui samas Dolbergi tipphetkeks jääbki selle 70 tonnise käekella omamine.

    Pahalase seisukoht ka:
    “After several days of an unprecedented media storm for me, I have decided to give myself a voice via a communiqué. I would like to first of all apologise to the fans and those who love Le Gym. A lot of them supported me and showed me kindness since I made my professional debut, as a youngster from the local region who joined the club when I was 14. Their reactions embody the level of disappointment that they feel towards me and I owe them an explanation.”

    “I proudly wore the club of my childhood’s shirt last season in Ligue 1. I was unfortunately injured for several months and my return to competitive action was further delayed following a red card I picked up whilst playing for the U19s. That affected me mentally and my difficult situation contrasted starkly the success and aura of Kasper, my team-mate. I took it out on him without having any reason to do so, maybe a bit because of jealousy. Instead of trying to battle on the pitch to provide him with competition for places, I reacted stupidly towards him.”

    “My actions were not taken out of an appetite to gain something from it, but out of disappointment, frustration and feeling discredited. Of course, I am only 18, but my age excuses nothing. I therefore owned up to what I had done to Kasper, Mr Fournier, the Director General of the club, Patrick Vieira, my coach and Dante, my captain. One by one, I apologised to each one of them. I also took on the responsibility of reimbursing my team-mate fully, which I have now done. I wish him a lot of success at OGC Nice and in his career. Maybe one day we will come across each other on a pitch and this affair will be merely a bad memory.”

    “Now, I am leaving the club where I had always wanted to succeed and enjoy myself, which for me is the greatest possible punishment. I thank all those who believed in me. I hope to be able to prove one day that they were right and that I am worth more than what has happened. Redemption for me will come on the football pitch and I now want to concentrate on my passion, football.”

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    Asjahuviline Kasutaja metssiga avatar
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    Jun 2006
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    Nice on vahepeal schneiderlini oma ridadesse toonud, kui mees oma mängusussid üles leiab, on see prantsuse liiga mõttes igati korralik täiendus.



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